Szinapszis’ own Call Center has 70 work stations with more than 10 full-time employed operators experienced in B2B and healthcare researches and communication. Our services:

Our services:

CATI, mystery shopping via telephone

Pharmaceutical and other telemarketing

Tele-detailing with registered Medical Representatives

Patient Support Programmes

Database building, targeting, validation

Recruitment, making appointments, organising conferences

Answering inbound calls, customer service, helpdesk, infoline

Other solutions



Szinapszis has a licensed and GDPR compliant database of physicians, pharmacists and other HCPs. This database includes nearly 35 000 records in Hungary with almost 100% coverage.



Due to our industry knowledge and experience gained by healthcare and pharmaceutical researches, we also offer personalised expert decision-supporting consulting for our customers.

Publications and our branded products

Publications and our branded products

Szinapszis constantly provides data, research results and studies for the market from self-financed researches. Part of these have been published or accessible on our website for free and some can be purchased.