Szinapszis’ own Call Center has 70 work stations with more than 10 full-time employed operators experienced in B2B and healthcare researches and communication. Our services:

Our services:

CATI, mystery shopping via telephone

Pharmaceutical and other telemarketing

Tele-detailing with registered Medical Representatives

Patient Support Programmes

Database building, targeting, validation

Recruitment, making appointments, organising conferences

Answering inbound calls, customer service, helpdesk, infoline

Other solutions

Szinapszis Pharma

Szinapszis Pharma

Szinapszis has a strong focus on pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We conduct primary and desk researches in all major therapeutic areas of the pharmaceutical markets (nearly 30 specialities, around 100 types of illnesses) of Rx and OTC drugs.



Due to our industry knowledge and experience gained by healthcare and pharmaceutical researches, we also offer personalised expert decision-supporting consulting for our customers.



Szinapszis has a licensed and GDPR compliant database of physicians, pharmacists and other HCPs. This database includes nearly 35 000 records in Hungary with almost 100% coverage.