Szinapszis Market Research and Consulting  

Szinapszis was founded in 1998 and has been operating as a full-service provider agency from the beginning. Our main expertise is healthcare, particularly the pharmaceutical industry. Since our owners graduated as a physician-lawyer, a political scientist and an economist, we can apply our multidisciplinary approach during our researches and consulting.


800 million HUF annual net revenue, 50 full-time employees on average

Offices in Budapest and Debrecen, own fieldwork team in Slovenia and Croatia

Focus group studio in Budapest with online streaming and simultaneous translation facilities

Call center with 110 work stations (Voxco)

Comprehensive, GDPR compliant physician, pharmacist and other HCP databases

Health Panel™ and own-built national residential and corporate databases

Access to NEAK drug sales data

Eye-tracking park tool ((Tobii T60 és Glasses 1-2, Tobii Nano Pro, Tobii Studio Pro™ and Lab software)

Online qualitative solutions (visionslive) and online market research communities



Szinapszis is the only Hungary member of the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA), and we also have an ESOMAR member. We comply with their code of ethics and recommendations and we apply them during our everyday work. In multinational researches we cooperate closely with our partners from GLOBAL and BIG international market research associations.


Quercus Consulting Group (QCG)  

Member companies of Quercus Consulting Group have the same owners and cooperate in synergy providing integrated services. Profiles of member companies without the list being exhaustive: market research, mystery shopping, consulting and trainings, offline and online marketing solutions, creative and media agency services and own media-portfolio operation, content services, development of websites and mobile applications.