Szinapszis turned 15 in February

  • 2013-02-25 08:34:00
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15 years is a long time. Here are some interesting and telling data from the history of our company.

  • When starting in 1998 Szinapszis Ltd. was operating as a single enterprise. In the last couple of years, due to the changes of the market, new entities were born with transparent profiles creating Szinapszis Group, which now has 11 members and provides complex healthcare marketing and communication services in our native market.
  • The company that once worked with a small staff now has 30 staff members in Szinapszis Ltd. and 80 staff members total in Szinapszis Group. Our headquarters are located in Budapest while our clients can also reach us in two offices located in Debrecen.
  • Another sign of expansion is that while in the past Szinapszis only served clients in the Hungarian market, today the company is involved in several international projects as well.
  • Szinapszis Ltd. works with approximately 80 companies while the entire Group serves around 300 partners primarily in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
  • In the last 15 years we created a number of comprehensive databases covering the entire Hungarian healthcare market: our medical panel contains 28.000 contacts of physicians and healthcare professionals. Our pharmacist database includes almost 2.400 contacts while we work with a HealthPanel counting 23.000 members to carry out our customer surveys.
  • Since the start of Szinapszis Ltd. our company completed around 2000 projects, by methodology these include 450 focus groups, 6.000 deep interviews and more than 500.000 surveys.
  • In close connection with our profile we have a record of 120 analyses based on our own studies. As the only research company in Hungary we monitor the use of the internet among physicians since 2004.