Our second Call Center has started, we already have a team of 70 people

  • 2017-07-10 08:00:00
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Starting in 1998, we have been operating in Debrecen where we have maintained many activities. For example, Debrecen hosts our programming team, back office, half of the management and our Call Center. In Budapest there are the qualitative and quantitative research team, along with our professional focus group rooms and eye-tracking equipments.


Our Call Center has only operated on Csemete Street with 40 operators so far. This was expanded with a new office in the downtown of Debrecen this spring, so we can meet the increased customer demand with 70 new people from June. In the Call Centers, the top technology provides the continuous work, whether it is evening or weekend calls. All calls are recorded and preserved in accordance with the legal requirements. The continuity of calls is secured by the VOXCO system, which is also the basis of our online research, the HealthPanel.


Our specialized Call Center's experienced operators are experts in healthcare market research and can communicate very well with doctors and corporate decision makers. Our service portfolio has been built around the healthcare industry, but it has now included numerous general B2B business dial-up services:


    Questionnaire survey and mystery shopping by telephone

    Pharmaceutical and other telemarketing

    Tele-detailing with registered Medical Representatives

    Patient Support Programmes (PSP)

    Database building, targeting, validation

    Recruitment, making appointments, organising conferences

    Answering inbound calls, customer service, helpdesk, infoline