Infographics about our international work and relationships

  • 2017-08-18 15:00:00
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Summary analysis of our requests for quotation. Internal data from the first half of 2017.


Since its establishment in 1998, Szinapszis Ltd. has undergone a lot of changes and developed a lot. Affiliated companies were established, our scope of activities broadened, the number of our partners increased – it was obvious that we should cross the borders of Hungary. Our access to the international markets is a success story.


In the first six months of this year, we were contacted 163 times by foreign market research companies to give methodology, price, and feasibility of implementing different health care or common public market research projects in Hungary or neighbor countries. Most requests arrive from the Central European region. We have long-lasting, mutually beneficial and profitable relationships based on quality work and trust with Polish, Romanian, Croatian and Czech market researcher colleagues. Our most important foreign partners are SODA and Inquiry from Poland, they sent us the majority of the 99 requests for quotation which we received from Poland in the first half of 2017.



The name of Szinapszis is also well-known outside our region. We are often contacted by Western European and North American companies who look for potential market research partner; moreover, our Indian and Turkish partners also think of us frequently, when they are requested to conduct market research projects in Central Europe. It could be mentioned as an interesting story, that an Indian company once asked us to give prices and feasibility for a project in Columbia or Taiwan. Because of the lack of database and local coordination, unfortunately we had to give a negative response, but it was very flattering, that our Indian colleague thought our international activities so diversified.

Besides the geographic distribution of our quotations, we need to speak a few words about the target groups. As it is shown below, our foreign partners are well aware of the fact that our main expertise is healthcare market research. From the total 163 request, the target group of 92 projects (56%) was different healthcare professionals (HCPs), mainly doctors, but also pharmacists, nurses, institutional decision makers and patient associations. Furthermore, we prepared quotations for 17 patient studies as well.


Our partners know it very well, that we have a huge experience also in the field of public market research, therefore we are often asked to reach different non-healthcare target groups (just a few examples: IT decision makers, pizza consumers, carpenters, shampoo users, etc.)

Our company has gained lots of experience in the past 19 years, both in quantitative and qualitative studies, so we are able to realize almost every request of the clients – in-depth interviews with physicians, focus group discussions with pharmacists, online patient studies, and telephone interviews with carpenters. 66% of our international quotations were given for quantitative projects and 34% of them for qualitative researches.


The detailed distribution of the research methodologies is demonstrated by the below diagrams. They illustrate very well how much healthcare and public researches differ from each other. By healthcare target groups online and in-depth interviews are more popular because doctors can be reached better with these methods, but in case of public researches, telephone or focus group interviews are more effective.


(Explanation: CAWI: computer aided web interviews, CATI: computer aided telephone interviews, F2F: face to face personal (tablet or paper aided) interviews, IDI: personal in-depth interviews, TDI: telephone depth interviews, FG: focus group discussions, OBB: online community (bulletin board))