Eye tracking studies

  • 2010-08-16 11:03:00
  • Research

Szinapszis Market Research and Consulting Ltd. has widened its research portfolio with a Tobii T60 eye tracker. Representing the latest technological innovation, the instrument is integrated into a flat screen monitor, therefore the eye tracking camera and the measuring process is imperceptible for the interviewee involved in the research, which provides results with no distortion.

Szinapszis has developed an innovative eye tracking concept test. This research method is designed to:

  • optimize advertisements, creatives and commercials to achieve the most effective information transfer
  • test printed and online advertisements, internet publications
  • deliver usability tests of websites

Clear, objective results

Heatmap: This can be interpreted in a similar manner as weather heatmaps: the darker colour shows the area where more respondents looked at..This way it is possible to identify the most and the less percepted areas and the ignored parts of a creative.
Inverse Heatmap
AOI – Area of Interest:
Optional areas can be signed on the examined advertisements,where the fixation can be analyzed by different statistic aspects.

The system includes a special usability software that is able to track and register the eye motion of the users, the changes of pages, the mouse clicks and to make navigation maps, in order to model the user’s behaviour.

The eye tracking software can also analyze the research results by segments (e.g. age, sex) and aggregated way, and graphically visualize them.

The research method is able to give objective answers to the following questions:

  • Which elements, images and textual messages are detected by the participant? Are the main messages perceived effectively?
  • Which elements, colours, images and textual messages draw attention immediately?
  • Which elements, images and textual messages draw participant’s attention the most?
    (time spent on the reception of the message – Do they give enough attention to the main messages?
  • What are the barriers which make it more difficult to process information when looking at a concept/website?
  • Which parts’ appearance is needed to be changed in order to get the highest attention and the most effective information process?
  • How to optimize the structure, the visual and textual elements of a website?
  • What barriers make the usage of a website more difficult (comprehension problems, incorrect key words, perceptional difficulties of the functions, etc.)?