The number of physicians with wireless devices has significantly increased in Hungary

  • 2013-08-22 02:42:00
  • Research

The survey of the CEE region shows: the ratios of physicians owning desktops and laptops have not changed compared to the previous year, 89% of doctors are using desktops, while 85% own the latter.
Meanwhile there is a significant change happening in the market of smart devices. The ratio of physicians owning a smartphone increased by 10% compared to the last year and with that reached 39%. The growth is especially evident among general practicioners where there is a 14% increase (compared to +6% among specialists).

Compared to 2012 the ratio of iPad owners increased by 4% (to 16%), while the circle of Galaxy or other tablet owners doubled (to 15%). The ratio of tablet owners among GPs and specialists is close to even.

The proportion of physicians who own an eBook reader has not changed in the previous year (7%).


Szinapszis has been doing research about the internet usage of Hungarian physicians since 2004. In 2012 we introduced a broader range of topics and we extended the study to include 9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe making the study one of a kind in the region. The novelty of our current survey is that it contains comperative data and trend analysis based on information from the previous year. The project includes separate detailed comparative analysis and executive summary for every country, as well as a cross-country report summarizing the results of all 10 countries. Countries included: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

The MedNetTrack CEE reports – carried out with 1.700 participating physicians – are available from the end of September 2013, in case of orders placed before 15th September significant doscounts apply. For more information, or in case of questions about orders, please contact us!