Szinapszis Pharma

  • 2009-03-08 11:08:00
  • Research

Since our founding we have been focusing on the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors where most of our projects are done. In these fields a specific expertise is required that can only be gained by regular trainings and long practice.

Over 10 years of experience and numerous successful projects prove our expertise. Our research methods are always tailored to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, bringing in-depth knowledge to all projects across various therapeutic groups. We use up-to-date databases in most of the specialty areas. We deliver studies with the participation of not only general practitioners and specialized physicians, but also pharmacists, healthcare decision makers and patients.

Based on the results of our market research studies we support our clients with consultancy services and telemarketing solutions as well.

Pharmaceutical research areas:

  • Drug market research with the participation of GPs and specialists (prescription practices, products, new products, producers' image)
  • Medical representative control studies - MedRepControl
  • Medical representative studies with the participation of GPs and specialists (effectiveness, marketing activity, message-recall tests)
  • Communication tools, marketing material tests (brochures, articles, concepts, product demonstration tests)
  • Pharmaceutical corporate image studies
  • Studies on healthcare policies and regulatory issues
  • Patient and (OTC-)customer surveys
  • Patient satisfaction, mystery patient research
  • Studies on drug product substitution, mystery shopping research
  • Website usability tests
  • Planning and conducting data collection for the National Health Insurance Fund Administration (OEP)