Szinapszis’ online community called HealthPanel is launched

  • 2013-07-19 10:01:00
  • HealthPanel

The main topic of the site will be „healthcare” with the primary community-building element of using social media elements. Additionally, members can vote on different topics and complete surveys as well. Every month Szinapszis will launch at least 2 online surveys to publis the results. The moderators activates new forums weekly, but members can also initiate new topics. These communication platforms provide opportunities to collect relevant insights in a fast, cost-effective way in any, health-related subjects, which makes the content of the site a significant support for our future market research projects.
The panel includes around 24,000 members at the moment, of patients with common to rare conditions including diverse groups that can be reached through the platform, but also contains potential health consumers interested in prevention. Members do not only include young patients: more than 40% of registered members of HealthPanel are over the age of 50. The registration to the community is open. Members represent a high consumer potential for healthcare products and services: many of them with advanced degrees and high income.

Gabriella Korom was appointed as the manager of the HealthPanel MROC.