Szinapszis HealthPanel

  • 2013-04-08 08:58:00
  • HealthPanel

Our Panel is a community of respondents that has a pronounced interest in health promotion, lifestyle, wellness, certain conditions, pharmaceutical and alternative treatments and is experienced in specific issues or special therapeutic approaches.
Surveys carried out by our Panel guarantee quality answers and a high response rate due to the strong involvement of Panel members. Studies completed via the HealthPanel – in addition to being ad hoc – are sufficient to monitor trends and to include tracking surveys.
Due to the unique composition of Panel members we are able to provide services to the industry that assure relevant answers about:
  • Health awareness
  • Health policies
  • OTC purchases
  • Pharmaceutical image
  • The public’s way of searching for health information
  • Patient-physician-pharmacist communication
The HealthPanel by specializing in a unique area is able to get a deeper understanding of the characteristics of its members. Using the results of numerous healthcare-related research projects our company can support the studies of its clients with specifically segmented samples.
Among other things the HealthPanel provides great opportunities to
  • Quickly, efficiently carry out targeted online and offline, quantitative and qualitative researches among laymen
  • Test online or offline contents, platforms, services created for different groups in connection with certain health-related topics
  • Help in planning targeted communication campaigns

By following the link below you can also download detailed information about the HealthPanel after registration!