Szinapszis at Health 2.0 Europe, London – Register with a 25% discount

  • 2013-10-28 11:21:00
  • Conference

Health 2.0 Europe is about leveraging the international Health 2.0 community to promote cross-pollination of ideas and technology collaboration. At the conference health entrepreneurs learn about the latest trends, meet new players, investors can spot the newest opportunities, and engage with future game changers in health technology. Health professionals can discover tools that will transform their daily practice, while patients experience the latest in personalizing their access to online medical information and co-producing their own health. The event is also a great platform for pharma and suppliers to discover new ways to listen, connect, and collaborate with patients and doctors.
The session, “Focus on Central and Eastern Europe“ will cover online health solutions and communication trends in Central and Eastern Europe. During the presentations and following discussion with contributions from Rob Halkes (The Netherlands), Oxana Kolosova (Russia), and Tomáš Větrovský (Czech Republic) the symposium will present similarities and differences in several Central and Eastern European countries in terms of digital campaigns, physicians’ and patients’ internet use, and will focus on the coming boom in mobile health. For the first time at this event Gábor Gyarmati will also present the results of the newly produced MedNetTrack CEE study carried out by Szinapszis in 10 Central and Eastern European countries.
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