HealthPortalsAudit 2011

  • 2011-12-01 05:29:00
  • Research

In the third issue of HealthPortalsAudit, unlike former studies, we did not use market research data but secondary information available to analyze the online healthcare market.

In fact, all these portals count their visitors, but how many people do they really reach? In this aspect what is the Hungarian market like in international comparison? Changing trends on content searching of healthcare portals, lifestyle and sites for women, and how do these pages overlap?

And last but not least, on how many healthcare portals do advertisers optimally need to be present to reach the highest proportion of visitors? These are just a few of the important questions answered in our study, hoping to support again the strategic planning of online health appearances with useful practical advice.

The digital version of HealthPortalsAudit 2011 can be downloaded (in Hungarian) from Szinapszis Ltd.’s website free, clicking here after the registration.