Szinapszis Research solutions

  • 2009-02-04 03:51:00
  • Research

  • Qualitative methods
    • Focus groups
      The most popular market research technique for qualitative data capture that involves a small group of people (6-8) participating in a discussion of predetermined topics led by a moderator. The methodology allows the in-depth investigation of a specific issue. In Szinapszis’s one-way mirror room clients can observe ongoing interviews on site or watch them online.
    • In-depth interviews
      Conducted usually on a one-to-one basis, an IDI is designed to reveal the underlying motives of the interviewee's attitudes, behaviour, and perceptions. The interviewer asks probing questions to really understand the participants’ motivations by using nondirective techniques. Our in-depth interviews can be conducted in our focus room and can be also broadcast online.
    • Usability research and website usability tests
      Szinapszis conducts usability tests that explore the usability and image of websites. Usually recommended to analyze online creative concepts and pre-test websites, this technique measures the quality of a user's experience when interacting with a website. It helps to develop easy-to-use web pages and to generate more returning users.
      Szinapszis applies Tobii's software system that includes voice recording, eye tracking and mouse tracking solutions, and is also able to analyze heat maps and the faces of the interviewees’. The results can be analyzed by various statistics methods and there is an opportunity to define and compare AOIs (Area of Interest).
    • Readability tests
      Szinapszis has been conducting readability tests of patient information leaflets since 2008. Besides testing, our services also include compiling and translating the leaflets.
  • Quantitative methods
    • Telephone research (CATI)
      Simple and fast research methodology that we can apply in our call-center of 30 operators, equipped with Voxco cc software for total quality management.
    • Face-to-face interviews (F2F)
      This is the most traditional method of data collection. During F2F interviews professional interviewers ask respondents questions from a pre-designed questionnaire. At Szinapszis we usually apply PPI - Paper and Pen Interviewing technique, but we are also able to conduct CAPI - Computer Assisted Personal Interviews with notebooks.
    • Online research
      The rapid development of Internet technologies is making CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) or online interviews an increasingly attractive option for market research. Being a cost effective and rapid technique, online research is also preferred due to the possibility to conduct longer and more complicated questionnaire surveys that can be compiled with special elements (pictures, videos, etc.)
    • Self-Administered Questionnaire (SAQ):
      SAQs are executed by the participants without an interviewer. This option allows the respondents to better consider their answers to questions that might cover sensitive topics.