Doctors and internet on the go

  • 2014-03-17 09:30:00
  • Research

WiFi access seems important from a professional point of view to doctors: when asked, where do they have WiFi access to the internet, this year 26% more responded, that they have it both at home and at work, and over 30% more said, that they have it only at work, than last year.

General Practitioners, like in other Internet related topics, are taking the lead: a larger proportion of them have WiFi access to the internet both at work and at home already, than of specialist doctors.

Serbia and Croatia are the only countries in the region, where more doctors have WiFi access to the internet at home, than at their office. Turkish and Romanian doctors lead in having WiFi access, both at work and overall.

Szinapszis MedNetTrack 2013 was issued in November 2013, survey conducted on national representative samples in July-August 2013 in 10 East-European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey), with a total sample of 1719 doctors. For more details and price offer please visit our website

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